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Where the
name originated...

Named after two rivers. The river Tyne by the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the river Tay which is not too far from the lovely coastal town of St Andrews, Scotland where I spent some of my childhood. All our candles are handmade in the pretty coastal town of Whitley Bay in the North East of England.

We CApTure Well lOVED SCeNTS FroM THe OuTDoorS IN YouR HoMe 
ThROugH OuR lOVe Of CANDles

We have a passion for the outdoors, travel, to live life, gain new experiences and make memories. It is well known that nice scents trigger parts of your brain that can alter your mood. Whether this is because it reminds you of a place or a person or it is simply your favourite smell we want to capture that and bring it to you! Scents can make you feel energised, or help you relax. Whatever your preference, we will aim to create the atmosphere of your choice and bring pure mindfulness.


Tyne & Tay candles are made from a carefully selected, luxury wax blend of soy and coconut wax. The wax is eco, vegan and animal friendly. It does not release any harmful toxins unlike paraffin wax, therefore is safe to burn in a home with children and animals.

We have found that this blend also gives the best hot and cold scent throw and burns slower giving you more value for money from your candle which our prices reflect accordingly.

All of our packaging can be recycled. Even the jar. And our candles contain a biodegradable candle card that sits in the top of your candle to help trap the scent and keep dust out. This card contains wildflower seeds and can be planted into the jar once you have enjoyed your candle. Please see our blog for more information.


Thank you for reading…I hope you love our candles as much as we do!

The Team

Hello everyone, my name is Jen and I am the founder of Tyne & Tay Candle Co!

My love for travel, the outdoors, mindfulness and relaxation, along with my love for candles inspired me to start creating my own. And in turn, developed into this wonderful small business.

It has taken over a year of hard work to get to where we are today and the journey has only just begun! From creating the perfect candle through careful selection of wax, wicks and fragrances through to designing the branding with the help of my graphic designer and everything in between. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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